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Statement of Mission

The mission of Girls Incorporated of Greater Houston is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold.

At Girls Inc. we strive to:

  • Effectively meet the needs of girls in their communities;
  • Develop girls' capacity to be self-sufficient, responsible members of the community;
  • Help girls overcome the effects of discrimination; and
  • Serve as a vigorous advocate for girls, focusing attention on girls' special needs.

The vision of Girls Incorporated® is to be recognized as the premier nationwide organization that helps all girls realize their potential and exercise their rights.

Girls' Bill of Rights

Girls Incorporated understands the complexity of girls' lives and is dedicated to advancing the basic human rights of girls; the right to be respected, self-reliant, healthy, safe, and challenged.

Girls have the right to:

  • Be themselves and to resist gender stereotypes.
  • Express themselves with originality and enthusiasm.
  • Take risks, to strive freely, and to take pride in success.
  • Appreciate and accept their bodies.
  • Have confidence in themselves and to be safe in the world.
  • Prepare for interesting work and economic independence.

Statement of Philosophy

Girls Incorporated® believes that all girls are capable of achieving their full potential if the social, cultural and legal barriers to their full potential are recognized and addressed.

Social barriers impede girls in the following ways:

  • Girls are strong; but the settings in which they spend much of their lives fail to prepare them for independence.
  • Girls are resourceful; but few institutions provide adequate opportunities for girls to develop the skills that allow them full participation in the larger society.
  • Girls are bold; but society rewards them for passive behavior and dependence in personal relationships.
  • Girls are proud; but society teaches them to undervalue the contributions of women, past and present.
  • Girls are capable; but society channels girls and women into stereotypical fields and limits girls' interaction with female leaders in non-traditional areas.

Cultural and legal barriers to girls' achievement include the following:

  • Girls are competent; but past and continuing discrimination on the basis of gender limits their potential.
  • Girls are gifted; but discrimination based on racial, cultural, economic or other distinctions increases the obstacles to individual achievement.
  • Girls are sisters; discrimination against girls on any basis adversely affects all girls.

Addressing these and other barriers requires effort and resources from all who have an impact on girls' lives. As the nation's leading voice for girls, Girls Incorporated® is dedicated to understanding and eliminating the barriers confronting girls.

Furthermore, Girls Incorporated® believes that while such barriers remain, girls require programs and activities that challenge and encourage them to achieve their full potential:

  • Girls deserve environments in which they are taken seriously for who they are, what they do and how they think and feel.
  • Girls deserve environments that are inclusive, fostering diversity based on race, social class, ability/disability, culture and other differences.
  • Girls deserve opportunities for active involvement with peers in acquiring new information, practicing new skills and advocating for change.
  • Girls deserve relationships with adults who understand their needs and strengths, challenge them to take risks and maintain high expectations for their achievement.

Therefore, Girls Incorporated® of Greater Houston commits its collective resources to implementing a balanced program of informal education that empowers girls to live and succeed in an inequitable world.


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